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Construction X is transforming the way the  residential communities are built

Our Vision

Help solve the housing and climate crises by transforming the way the world builds homes. Using innovative material science, robotics, and automation, we’re working to make carbon-neutral housing a reality for everyone.


Construction is

hurting our planet

With traditional construction causing 27% of CO2 emissions, meeting the housing need while protecting the planet requires a paradigm shift.

27 % Of global CO2 emissions generated from the construction industry


600 million

Tons of waste generated annually in the US by construction

We’re fixing this with 3D printing and Technology

By using innovative 3D printing, robotics, and automation, we build beautiful, customizable homes with 99% less waste and will have a lower carbon footprint than other houses traditionally constructed.

99 %                                Reduction of waste


60%                                   Recycled printing material

large 3d printer.webp
Modern home commuinty.jpg

Better for people

and our planet

You don't need to choose between speed, quality, design and protecting the planet. Together we can build a better future for the construction industry and the environment.

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