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64c9850f77bf2580094f8c12_(Shield) Burning Resistance.png

Class A surface burning characteristics

Self-extinguishing material with Flame Spread Index 5
and Smoke Developed Index 10

64c9850f77bf2580094f8c08_Hurricane Resistance-p-500.png

High Velocity Wind Resistance 

Hurricane wind resistance, 4-5x more flexural
and tensile strength than concrete. It can withstand up to 250 mph & provides extra security.


Highly insulated and soundproof design

18 R-value for 7”-thick, insulated 3D-printed panels creates a nearly seamless resistence to outside sounds

64c9850f77bf2580094f8c0b_Earthquake Resistance-p-500.png

Earthquake resistance

Our Proven 3D printing material was rigorously tested and Evaluated according to ICC-EO AC156. Shown to earthquake's of 8.6 Richter scale magnitude. Boasting a life span of 300+ as well.

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