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Quality and speed with a revolutionary way to build homes

Build better offsite

ConX 3d Printing system includes 3D printed panels, a highly versatile structural system, and the essential hardware for easy installation. Exterior doors, windows and roof cassettes complete a watertight envelope.

Unrivaled speed, ease of installation, aesthetic range, and design configurability. Rigorously tested and ICC-certified, the system's technology, components, and assemby provide a robust solution for resilient housing.


Resource Material

Our patented 3D printed resources are stronger and lighter than concrete, fast curing and flexible to support modern design, and reduces environmental impact.

5%   Tensile and flexural strength vs. concrete


30% Lighter weight vs. concrete

64c9850f77bf2580094f8c0e_Water Mold Resistance.png

Water, mold, mildew, and insect resistance

Superior material characteristics and UV protective coating

64c9850f77bf2580094f8c08_Hurricane Resistance-p-500.png

High velocity hurricane resistance

Hurricane wind resistance, 4-5x more flexural
and tensile strength than concrete

64c9850f77bf2580094f8c12_(Shield) Burning Resistance.png

Class A surface burning characteristics

Self-extinguishing material with Flame Spread Index 5
and Smoke Developed Index 10

64c9850f77bf2580094f8c12_(Shield) Burning Resistance.png

Expected building lifespan 300+ years

Evaluated by EAD standards


Highly insulated and soundproof design

>18 R-value for 7”-thick, insulated 3D-printed panel

64c9850f77bf2580094f8c0b_Earthquake Resistance-p-500.png

Earthquake resistance

Evaluated accorded to ICC-EO AC156


Elevated quality

Our 3D printed exterior finishes are of the highest quality, and feature head-turning parametric designs.

Built for Longevity

Durable, airtight assemblies provide exceptional energy efficiency and resilience to extreme weather and natural disasters

Modern Home Garage

Environmentally Friendly 

Composite stone uses less material, and is composed of 60% sustainably sourced & recycled components.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

3d_print house 6

Beautiful homes, healthy planet

We are transforming residential construction through fast and versatile modern design that reduces time, labor, and waste.

Interactive Design capabilities

Our panel system design quickly delivers almost any floor plan, and our 3D printing capabilities offer unique exterior design possibilities.

Speed and Technology

Speed through design and assembly with less skilled labor and get faster returns on investment.

Environmental benefits

Our walls made from material composed of 60% recycled, sustainably sourced components, and produced with 99% less waste.

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